Example: I haven’t seen you for a long time.—> He told me that he hadn’t seen me for a long time. 1. I was away from school because I was ill. 2. I phoned you many times but you were out. 3. Some of the schoolmates came to see me. 4. I had a cold and stayed in bed. 5. I watched TV. 6. I’ll come to school next week. 7. I’ll be better I hope. 8. The doctor has given me many pills.

1.She told me that she had been away from school because she had been ill. 2. He told her that he had phoned her many timesbut she had been out.
3. She told him that some of the schoolmates had come to see her.
4. My friend told me that she had had acold and had stayed in bed.
5. He told her that he had watched TV.
6. She told me that she would come to school the nextweek.
7. He told me that he would be be better he hoped.
8.She told us that the doctor had given her many pills.

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