Choose the correct answer.
2. How s life in the city?
Well, yet, but its OK
am used to
am still not used to
did not get used to
3. Does John play tennis?
Well, tennis when he was a student, but he doesnt anymore.
was used to
been used to
used to
4. Was it difficult for Vicky to speak German when she first moved abroad?
It was quite difficult in the beginning but now she has used to it.
got used to
been used to
used to
5. Have you ever lived by the sea before? No, but
be used to
used to
get used to
6. Diane has lots of dolls. Yes, she........collect them she was a child.
used to
was to used to
got used to


2. am still not used to
3. used to
4. got used to
5. get used to
6. used to

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