Across 2 Jim was the (loud) person in the class. 7 Ray is (strong) than Bod. 8 It s (hot) today. 9 Sharon s (good) at Maths than me. 10 My hair is (long) but my sister s hair is short. Down 1 I m sure Diana is the (pretty) girl know. 2 Lizards are (lazy) than mice. 3 Joanna is (shy) than her brother. 4 Who s the (slim) in your family? 5 Miss Hart is the (kind) teacher in the school. 6 Hares have got (short) tails. 9 John is my (big) brother

2. The loudest
7. is stronger than
8. hotter
9. better
10. longer, shorter
11/ the prettiest
12 lazier
13 more shy
14 the slimmest
15 the kindest
16 shorter
17 elder

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